One Girl’s Charcoal Grilling Adventure

How to Grill a Burger Without Your Guy, But Still Show Him You Love Him

Last night I lit a charcoal grill and cooked burgers for the first time ever. Now, I’ve helped with prep work before. But, the hubby has always been the one to get the grilling honors. In fact, he’s a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to his charcoal grilling or smoking techniques. Whenever we’re at parties or at the in-laws he’ll regale everyone in sight about his most recent grillin’ adventure.

This works out for me as I love to eat. He cooks. I clean. It’s a good arrangement as I’m OCD and he’s not. Sadly, however, my chef has been away on a business trip all week. Tuesday was the perfect weather for grilling. I thought about it, but didn’t. You ever have those days? Then, when Wednesday night turned out just as nice, I decided it must be a sign from the grillin gods.

When I told the hubs I was going to grill by myself, he insisted I send him pictures. He should have known better. Finally! It was my turn to brag about my grilling prowess.

6:06 P.M. Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Grillin

Is there supposed to be this much flame?

charcoal grill on fire

6:07 P.M. Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Oh yeah.

Just needed to close the bottom vent cover. 🙂 Fire is fun. Onto food prep.

charcoal grill








6:08 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Oops!

Fire went out. Are you laughing yet?

Charcoal Grill no fire

6:13 PM Sarah <> to Hubby
Subject: Crisis Averted

Onto food prep for real now.

6:30 PM Sarah <> to Hubby
Subject: Grrr

Stupid burger won’t stick together. I’ll make it stick with an egg!

Hah! Take that!

6:31 PM Sarah <> to Hubby
Subject: Ut Oh!

I think I messed up and made meatloaf.








The flour probably wasn’t a good idea.

6:37 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Ah Well

At least the coals are still going. Almost grilling time. Just chilling with the dog and some suds. Maybe the burger loaf won’t be so bad.

6:51 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Geez

This is taking forever. Maybe I’ll go plant a flower.

7:18 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Flowers planted

Like our new red flowers? The flower lady said they’ll grow up into the railings. Pretty cool. Ok, back to grillin.

7:19 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Yay

The burger loaf hasn’t fallen apart.

7:35 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Happily Ever After

In my mouth.

7:40 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: Not to bad

Didn’t turn out like meatloaf at all. Quite tasty for a first try. I was planning to tell u how awful a job I did and how much I miss your cooking. However I did better than I expected – just need a bit more seasoning.

Moral of the story: I married you for your cooking and keep you around for the spice! 😉








7:40 PM Sarah <sj.whitney26 at> to Hubby
Subject: The End!