As a writer, I am working on multiple projects at a time. A summary of a few notable projects are below. Most of my passion projects invovlve writing fiction for kids of all ages. My writing has been compared to Phillip Pullman’s the Golden Compass and Terry Pratchett’s young adult series.

Short Story projects

I’m currently drafting a short story about a teenage girl who finds a discarded artifact at the St. Louis History Museum where her mom works. It turns her into a legendary piasa bird and she must break the curse before it become permanent.

Freelance and Consulting Work

I am available to help with SEO copy writing and content marketing consultation on a limited basis. E-mail me for additional details.

Middle Grade Fiction

I’ve a complete middle grade manuscript currently out on submission, titled “Jenny Big Sis and the Case of the Missing Spider.” It follows 10-year-old Jenny as she and her friends in the Bug Club work to solve the mystery of who stole her missing jumping spider named Jack. It’s complete at 46,000 words.

Children’s Literature

A CROCUS NAMED MERLE is a children’s story for ages 3-5 that tells what happens to a yellow flower, named Merle when he blooms during the winter. It was written while I was pregnant with my daughter and worried about her not going back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. It is currently on submission.

Young Adult Fiction

I’m currently working on the first draft of a YA fantasy trilogy that follows twin siblings, Terryn and Trigg, on an adventure in the world of dreams, Imperious Nox, where they learn all dreams are in fact real. The working title of the first book is Cracks in the Mirror and is currently being workshopped by my critique group, the Lit Ladies.

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