My MWG Interview with Author Susan McBride

In case you missed it, I did a blog interview with St. Louis author Susan McBride over at the Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference Blog last Thursday. Susan will be one of the speakers at the Guild’s 2012 “Write Time! Write Place! Write Now!” Conference.

With that interview, Susan graciously donated a copy of her most recent book LITTLE BLACK DRESS to give away to one lucky commenter. Commenting closes tonight, so you still have a chance to win.

Even if you don’t win, Susan’s answers to my questions were fantastic. Basically a mini-class on women’s fiction in of themselves. Here’s a quick sample:

Q: Could you give us one insight into the women’s fiction market as a preview to your breakout session?
Susan: One thing writers need to think about when they’re writing for the women’s fiction market now is the “big book.”  This type of story has to go beyond the ordinary.  It’s means coming up with an intriguing idea and then giving it a twist and pushing it beyond any boundaries to make it extraordinary.
Q: If someone wants to write the ‘Big Book’ what is the most important piece of advice that you could give them?
Susan: Go big or go home!  Seriously, don’t be afraid to stretch your literary muscles and try something you’ve never dared to try before.  Now is the time to tell that amazing story you’ve been itching to tell (and that your critique partners said was “too out there”).  Push your imagination and then push some more.